• Film director:
    • Diane Kurys
  • Actors:
    • Sylvie Testud
    • Josiane Balasko
  • Genre:
    • Comedy
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Language:
    • French
  • Nationality:
    • France
  • Sound: 5.1
  • Script: Diane Kurys, Sylvie Testud
  • Producers: Diane Kurys, Alexandre Arcady
  • Production Companies: Alexandre Films
  • Status: Completed

Sybille is a well-known actress who’s given the opportunity to direct her first film. She is on top of the world. Producers Brigitte and Ingrid are crazy but charming and Sybille jumps at the chance to work with them, putting her family life on hold. Endless rewriting, actresses' egos, money issues… Sybille will realize too late that her producers are totally out of their minds and will drag her down into their madness, turning her dream into a nightmare.

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