• Film director:
    • Sofia Djama
  • Actors:
    • Nadia Kaci
    • Sami Bouajila
    • Lyna Khoudri
    • Adam Bessa
  • Genre:
    • Drama
  • Duration: 102 minutes
  • Languages:
    • Arabic
    • French
  • Nationalities:
    • France
    • Belgium
    • Qatar
  • Prize / Festival: Best actress (Lyna Khoudri) - Venice International Film Festival 2017 - Orizzonti section
  • Sound: 5.1
  • Script: Sofia Djama
  • Producers: Serge Zeitoun, Patrick Quinet
  • Production Companies: Liaison Cinématographique, Artémis productions, Shelter Prod, Les films de la source
  • Status: Completed

Algiers, a few years after the civil war. Amal and Samir have decided to celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary in a restaurant. While on their way, their share their views on Algeria: Amal tells about lost illusions and Samir about the necessity to cope with them. At the same time, their son Fahim and his friends Feriel and Reda are wandering about in a hostile Algiers about to steal their youth.

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